When I’m coaching many clients with nutrition, I find that many of them are trapped in health marketing scams. Many foods that are labeled more fiber, less sugar, no fat and high protein are really just scams to get you spending your hard-earned dollars on products that may appear healthy, but truly are not? They may sound perfect for your eating plan but these healthy sounding options are really junk food in disguise so I’m going to go through each one of them and give you other options.

1. Pre-made smoothies

Some of the smoothies that you find in the refrigerated isle at the grocery store that say contain real fruit are really loaded with extra sugar some with more than 100 g of the sweet stuff. Clean it up by making your own smoothie with fresh fruit, plain yogurt or vanilla protein powder and ice BOOM ??

2. Energy or breakfast bars

They seem like a healthy way to start your day with bars but they are often created with processed ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, sugar, partially hydrogenated oil’s and more. Clean it up and look for bars where protein, nuts, seeds, and Oates are the primary ingredients BOOM ??

3. Sports drinks

Packed with sugar artificial colors dyes and other additives the so-called performance drinks maybe marketed to help you power through your workouts I can ultimately hamper your results. Clean it up with branched-chain amino acid powder to water it’ll help a recovery after work out and help stop hunger in between meals BOOM??

4. Flavored yogurt

Often pack full with sugar up to 24 g in a 6 ounce serving and processed ingredients it’s not quite the health food fair it seems to be Clean it up by choosing fat-free plain yogurt BOOM ??

5.Diet soda or other sugar free beverages

Yes there’s 0 cal, but  the artificial ingredients can compromise your diet efforts by actually leading you to over eat. Clean it up choose plain water or carbonated water with slices of fresh fruit BOOM??