Several fitness experts advocate running as a great form of exercise and a viable way to lose weight. It is a physical activity that you can do at your own convenience, with or without a running buddy and you don’t even have to sign up with a membership at the gym. Running is not only cheap and convenient, it also offers several health benefits. If you are aiming to shed some extra pounds, you can run and lose weight effectively and safely. An average person puts up 1 pound of body fat from the extra 3500 calories he takes. In order to inhibit this fat deposit, 3500 calories must be burned. According to research, a person who weighs 145-pounds and runs for 30 minutes can lose as much as 600 calories, depending on speed. Running also helps you build more lean muscles, thus,optimized metabolism. You will also be able to burn more fat even while at rest. You can run and lose weight, however you should also remember that it takes consistency and proper diet for you to achieve the desired number on the scale.

Before you go for a run, there are few things that you should keep in mind.

  • First, if you are running for the first time, consult your physician. Ask for clearance if you are fit to run at a regular basis and if there’s any medical condition that will hinder you from doing this activity. Once your doctor approves, you can then start running. Basically, you should take it slow. You can warm yourself up with walking. Do not indulge in running right away as you might burn yourself out quickly and give up right there and then.
  • Once your body has adapted to this new physical activity, you can gradually increase the intensity. You can alternate walking with short jogs. The increase in intensity will prompt your body to burn more calories. It also prevents you from getting tired too easily and takes away the boredom of doing straight walking or straight jogging.
  • You can also burn more calories if you increase the level of difficulty. Try jogging uphill or in an inclined ground. The more it is difficult and intense for you, the more your body will require energy. You can also increase your speed or cover more distances once you develop more endurance and stamina.
  • While it’s true that you can run and lose weight, you will become more effective in this exercise if you include a sound diet. You need to fuel your body with the right and nutritious foods in order to optimize its fat burning capacity. You can start with complex carbohydrates as they typically give more energy. A good addition would be lean proteins, healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.
  • You should also remember to hydrate properly. Bring a water bottle when you run so you can drink whenever you need to. It is also good to invest in a good pair of running shoes to avoid pain and injuries. Indeed, running has become one of the most cost-effective exercises today. If you want to get into a better shape and improve your body to run and lose weight now.
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