lifetime pass membership to the YSF3 Online gym. Here are some benefits that makes Kettlebell workouts so amazing and why you have to try them:

  1. SIZES AND WEIGHTS: A Kettlebell is made from cast iron, which is turned into a ball with a handle in U-shape, which are available in various weights and sizes. Despite the fact that it effectively offers a low effect full body workouts routines, it gives a diversion from typical activities and enhances your flexibility, strength and stamina.
  2. A COMPLETE BODY WORKOUT: For beginners, Kettlebell workouts will instantly aid you enhance your strength, increase your endurance, and build power. Using a variety dynamic, challenging exercises, you’ll feel a whole body workout that tone and trims the muscles in your arms, abdomen, back, shoulder, legs and buttocks.
  3. BUILD LEAN MUSCLE MASS: Kettlebell workouts for women aid to build a leaner body. Building leaner muscle mass doesn’t signify “bulking out”, but rather growing the amount of lean muscle tissue all through the body. By increasing muscle tissue, you raise the resting rate of metabolism, which will burn away more calories while resting. Exercising with Kettlebell will likewise strengthen your ligaments and tendons.
  4. GIVE NO ROOM FOR EXCUSE: An extraordinary advance from doing these activities is the ability to do them anywhere. Not limited to fitness centers, you can do any specific exercises in the basement, family room, and even outdoor. Kettlebell workout routines are easy to learn and are shorter workouts, which give the same result as extended workouts.
Effective Kettlebell workouts for women incorporate snatches, swings, cleans and jerks. Most are performed in high repetitions and give ideal body strength as well as muscular endurance. They can be done by women of any age, and are viable way of blending cardio, fat loss and strength training all into one efficient workout routine, to tone and sculpt your body. Now that We got through the details lets rock this thing… Below is the first workout from the Kettlebell Workout series in the online gym.  Try it now… KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FROM THE YSF3 GYM This is the first Kettlebell workout from the online gym. What do you think? Could you complete it? Was it to hard/easy? I want to hear from you!!

If this workout isn’t enough for you, need more of a challenge, and have 30-minutes a day to spare than you can become a healthier you with the YSF3 at home workouts. Get access to over 500 powerful and effective workouts that will have you feeling strong and energized all for one time price with access for life! Purchase your lifetime pass now!

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Kettlebell training engages the entire body – particularly core muscles – for a sculpted, stable and toned physique. This is all you need for the 12 week Kettlebell Workout series in the YSF3 Gym.