Don’t Have the Time then Make the Time imageThe biggest excuse most people have for not working out is that they do not have the time to workout.  I’m here to tell you its not about having the time to workout it is about making the time to workout! How do you make that time you ask? Three ways to get started in making that time is to make yourself the highest priority, working out needs to be your number 1 priority, find a chunk of time that is available in your day and use it to workout, third once you have the time determine what type of workout you will complete in that time frame. So To Recap:

  • Your workout’s need to be your number 1 priority. I know we are all busy but its up to you to make the decision to put your workout at the top of your list of To Dos every day.  Think about it this way Is checking your facebook page 5 times a day a priority? Is watching your favorite TV show a priority? Is surfing the web a priority? Think about what you do on a daily basis and analyze how you spend your time and simply make the time to fit in a workout.   The difference between someone who does regular workouts and somebody who doesn’t is that the person doing the workouts make the workouts their PRIORITY.
  • Find that chunk of time everyday for your workout. Even if all you have is 20 to 25 minutes of free time a day you need to find that small chunk of time each day to devote to your workout. It can be early in the morning, right before or after lunch, when you get home from work, after the kids go to bed. It can be anytime that works for you, the big thing is you have to find that time, I will call it the “About Me Time” .
  • Choose the workout and intensity level. Once you’ve made the commitment to workout and make it your priority, and you have figured out time of day to workout, now choose what type of workout will fit in that allotted time frame.  If you only have a short amount of time to workout you need to really bring on the intensity (TurboFire HIITS for example) ! Choose a workout with high intensity to complete in short time. You can get a great workout in 25 minutes or less if you use push hard and bring it for the whole 25 minutes. If you have more time to workout, you can choose activities that are lower in intensity and perform the workout for a longer period of time.
What if your a parent and your excuse is I can’t make time I have kids with me all the time?
  • exerciseInclude your kids in the workout. I am a parent and finding time to workout with kids is easy just have them join in.  My daughter enjoys exercising with me, and I am sure your kids would to, honestly they can become a great accountability partner for you. Not to mention you will be setting a great example for them at a young age.
In conclusion NEVER use lack of time as a excuse for not working out The benefits to regularly working out far outweigh any excuse you have come up with so far. Think of things you enjoy doing and set up your workouts so they are fun, don’t set yourself up for failure at the beginning if you don’t like what your doing. I found this really great image and added a bit of highlights and things to show how important consistency is. You’ll notice the image talks about making time for those you love, well I think that should include yourself. Make time for your personal relationship with fitness. Many of the same principles apply. You don’t have to spend a big chunk of your day working out, but if you do short, effective workouts on a regular basis your fitness level will improve and you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself. Another very important thing to remember is fitting excercise and Fitness into your day does not mean you only need to do it till you hit your weight loss goals. It is not a one and done type of program, healthy living is a lifestyle change. Once you hit your goal weight if you stop working out and go back into your old habits you will slowly but surly find yourself back to where you started and wishing you had never stopped. Living a Health life is a lifelong journey.

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