We have all heard it a 1000s of times there are a lot of various abdominal exercises available out there  Today I want to tell you about 3 amazing workouts that help sculpt abs. The most critical ab exercises a woman can try out are the ones that work the entire body. Which is weight lifting! There are a lot of oppositions to weight lifting and women. Mostly because a lot of ladies believe that if they even get to touch a dumbbell they’ll instantly look like bodybuilders. Which’s absolute untrue. It takes months of training and experience to build that huge muscles, and it doesn’t come easily for women. Men build muscle more promptly and even most men experience difficulties getting “big.” However, here are other workouts you can try out to sculpt your abs effectively.


This is for isolating the upper and mid ab muscles to offer them a great workout and you’ll require an exercise ball (or employ the use a sofa or chair as long as your legs is able to bend at 90 degrees). You start this activity by lying on the floor just as do on a normal crunch. Hold your back level and place your legs on top of the exercise ball so as to bend your knees at a right angle. Your legs ought to be around 4 – 5 inches apart on top of the exercise ball with the toes of your feet pointing inwards until they make contact (i.e. touch) with each other. With the arms traversing your chest start by raising your shoulders up as well as in towards the knees raising just around 4 inches off the floor.


This is an amazing exercise that works for the lower abs and can practically be done anywhere with no special equipment. Begin by lying on the floor, ideally on a mat if you’ve one, and placing your hands under your butt palms facing the floor with both legs straight out. Bring your knees up slowly and in towards your chest together raise the chin in, towards your chest to have your knees and jaw meet in the upwards position close to your chest as possible. Then gradually bring down your knees and chin down. Repeat this for a total of 12 – 15 reps.


Another awesome ab exercise is the traditional “Leg Raise”. Leg raises can be really difficult but certainly justified regardless of the trouble. Consideration ought to be taken to avoid thorough reiterations or else you it could result to a serious muscle pull. For this, you will require an overhead bar so as to support the body’s upper half while lifting your legs. Firmly, grasp your fingers around the above bar and lift your knees towards the head. Focus on your abdominal as you lower and raise your knees. When it comes to building sculpted abs, there’s no miracle that can transform your flabby belly overnight. Regular workouts and well-planned diets hold the solution to having a superbly, lean sculpted ab. Try this 5 minute workout that will work your core!

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