Last month I left you all with the fact that I was going to be spending a day with Eric Thomas. If you don’t know who Eric Thomas is I suggest you follow him on YouTube Twitter or wherever you hang out online. This guy is so passionate about changing your life… Mastering your habits…and giving you the secret to his success. He was a high school dropout… lived in abandoned buildings and was at the bottom before he decided to change his life and his destiny. Within 12 years he graduated college… Received his Masters degree… Built his self development empire and is inspiring people everyday.

 The seminar was filled with so many amazing nuggets … I could not possibly list them all but here are the top 10 takeaways
  1.  Read more… people should not be able to anticipate your thoughts when you’re about to speak
  2. Welcome Life’s Reroutes… it may be part of your destiny! This really resonated with me when I wanted a raise at LA fitness they denied me and this is what started my personal venture into personal training and working for myself
  3. Create a vision for what you want your marriage to look like and DON’T deviate.
  4. What reflection (mirror/puddle) of you do you see?! Is it realistic?!
  5.  Patch holes “one at a time”… know what you’re good at and stick to it… what you’re not good at get someone else to do it… Be Honest with yourself!
  6.  Put an expiration date on deadweight/unproductive habits. This one really resonated with me to my recently deleted Netflix and Facebook two huge time suckers that are derailing  me from greatness
  7. Because tomorrow isn’t promised… “You Up?!” He would always go to his child’s bedroom and ask the question you up? Because he always thought what if today was the last day… Always tell your loved ones you love them always send a note.. send a text ..make a call nothing is guaranteed
  8. Wake up every morning knowing that it could be the worst/best day of your life… and be prepared for it!  He explained that at one point he lived in Alabama and a huge tornado took over his home… But he was ready he had the proper insurance to have that home replaced be ready… For the call Because its coming  
  9. Life will test you… Life will stretch you… 
  10. “The Placebo Effect” is real… If you believe it .. it will come to fruition.