HowIstayfit1) Living the Healthy Lifestyle: All super fit people look at their behaviors as part of their lifestyle not as a fad. These types of people are fit all year round! They do not crash diet before a reunion or over exercise to try to counter act eating far too much over the holidays. These people are what I call “lifers”. I have people who come and go in my business… they come for a main event and once the event passes they go back to their old lifestyle… lifers are here to stay.. they know what works for them and are committed way past that big event has passed

2) They eat – many eat a lot:

Have you ever noticed that your super fit friends are always eating? This is a top secrets to staying healthy and trim. To keep your metabolism going you need to eat approximately every 3 hrs. Super fit people know that starving your body is just as dangerous as overeating. Personally  I eat a ton.. between 2000-2500 calories a day. I eat super nutritious foods that get me through my hard core workouts. My husband always tell me I eat way more than any chick he has ever seen..haha

3) No loners allowed – Get extra support:

You will find that most super fit people belong to group or have a coach. There is so much to know about being healthy and fit; it really helps you to “be your best you” by learning from others. Whether it is joining a running group, going to yoga class, getting a trainer or attending an organic cooking workshop; people are often times most successful & feel the motivated in groups.

Here is proof I have been in business about 4 years now and the small groups that started 4 years ago are still together.. working out hard on the same schedule they started 4 years ago!

4) Good climbers – Always pushing self to next level:

A huge key to their success is that they set very specific goals, write them down, purse them, over come obstacles and keep climbing! I always say that my health and fitness journey is like a ladder;  there are many rungs that I need to climb and each one signifies a significant success for me. I have pitfalls and have to go back to the drawing board from time to time. But I NEVER stop climbing because I know my journey is never over.

I struggle ALOT with sugar, drinking water and even finding down time.. I am always setting monthly challenges to help me get back to basics …and I am always reaching out to my two accountability partners cris and jodi. Secondly I have always wanted to do perfect pull ups and I can say I have hit my goal – here is the video to show you how to do that perfect pull up

5) Sleep – Get Plenty of Sleep :

Do you ever see Super fit people out parting till 3 am?  They are sleeping and allowing there bodies to get the rest, recover and time to repair that they need to perform at their highest level!

I am in bed  by 830 pm every night.. its a necessity for me to be up at 4 am. I KNOW that if i am going to ensure I get my workout in … it has to be before I start training my clients or my kids are up

6) Not scale obsessed – Don’t step on scale daily:

Your weight will fluctuate based on exercise you are doing, food your eating. Super fit people know that the  scale is no reflection of how fit they are. Being scale obsessed is unhealthy & completely unproductive.

I know my weight but I never get on the scale daily.. for what.. to get me nuts.. I can FEEL when I am up 2 lbs and i just make the necessary adjustments.

7) Green freaks – eat lots of veggies:

Green is a super fits person best friend. Maybe anything from powdered green drinks, juicing, veggies steamed. But you will always see super fit people eating veggies.

I love my shakeology its yummy and filled with super foods. I also eat at least 6 servings a day of veggies with my meals.

8) H20 – Drinking lots of water:

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to drink water & since 70% of your body is water it is crucial that you get enough of it. If you are an active person you should get at least 2/3 of an ounce of water per pound of body weight each & every day!

Like i said this is a personal challenge but I have made changes . This month I am actually on a monthly challenge of drinking 6 battles of water a day.. every night i text my accountability partners to let them know i got it done. Hopefully it sticks after the month is up… one day at a time.

9) Comfort Zone – Stepping outside your comfort zone:

Super fit people can’t stay super fit unless they push themselves to the next level be uncomfortable. Your body wont change when things are easy. You need to try new routines, explore things you have never done before. If you have hit a plateau you need to get your body uncomfortable to move to next level.

I am focusing more on cross fit style workouts right now. Love doing my cardio with my weights and love challenging my body with body weight exercises. box jumps.. jump rope..  pull-ups ..breakdance pushups.. trx pushup pikes etc.. love using my body weight

10) Rewards – Make sure to treat yourself:

I can not stress enough how important it is to realize that super fit people are just like you and they like sweets or piece of pizza now and then. ALL super fit people I know reward themselves with “treat meals”. Don’t call it a cheat meal call it a treat meal because cheat makes it sound as though you are guilty of doing something wrong and that is not good either. You need to treat yourself because you worked hard and you deserve it and it is best way to stay balanced and motivated.

I love quest bars and I love peanut butter. I allow for it in my diet so I don’t feel deprived.

10 Habits all Super Fit People Practices are now in your hands, that means I encourage you to take some of these tips and incorporate it into your own life. Start small and work your way up, remember take it one day at a time and you will see changes. Habits take time to take on but once you do you will be happy with the change and how you feel.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WORD ACCOUNTABILITY!! Accountability is an absolute game changer. With no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can’t follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream. YSF3 GYM PROVIDES ACCOUNTABILITY AND GREAT WORKOUTS  .. This is been the key to providing our clients with great success. Sign up for 2 weeks Free and lets change your life!