Can we end dieting for good…please? Because starving yourself on a low-fat diet and exercising until your body falls apart is a stupid approach to weight loss. Your body is a genius. If you starve yourself, your body will respond. And it will produce the opposite result your clever mind thinks it’s going to create. Sensing you’re in a dangerous, foodless environment because you’re barely eating, your body will desperately store fat so you can survive your hostile surroundings. Not to mention, you’re training your body to be hyper-sensitive to calorie dense foods…so that once you’re around that intoxicating pizza, or that jar full of M&M’s, you’re primed to attack. That’s how we evolved. So please…don’t pit yourself against your body. Instead, eat plenty of high-quality, low-toxin foods that support your hormones and nourish your body so it can perform the way it wants to. Over time, the fat will melt off and you won’t gain it back. I’ve been arguing exactly that for years now. It’s worked wonders for me, for my clients, and hundreds of thousands of people who follow sensible eating plans!!!! I promote an “whole foods diet” because it includes the food that was available to us throughout most of our evolution. Getting in touch with our true nature and eating the way we evolved to eat will not only optimize your health, cut down on cravings, help you lose weight effortlessly…it will also help you feel more in control of your actions, more control of your mood; it will lower inflammation, increase your energy, and help you feel more like yourself. When your body starts running on the foods it was made to eat, you come back into alignment. That will show up on not just your waistline, but your mental health … its truly a mind body thing.. People ask me all the time… whats the best diet? I’m not here to promote ONE specific diet. I’m here to help you master YOUR diet. My mission is to help you train the habit of following through with your intentions day after day after day, meal after meal after meal, and using me as your coach.. especially when your struggling. But ultimately its up to you.. If the scales is not moving there is something DIFFERENT you need to do. and 99% of the time its two things,… staying consistent with your food plan and tracking.. and here is the other… EXERCISE!!!! Especially if you are over 35. Your body will lose muscle every year… thats a fact and if you don’t do something to change that it will just keep getting harder and harder to lose weight. Muscle burns fat .. so remember if you want to become a muscle burning fat machine you must strength train min 2 xs a week and cardio 2 xs a week. Its not my opinion its a fact. So reach out to me .. I am here.. If you are struggling reach out even more!

Top 10 foods to balance female hormones

To go a step further to discuss what you should eat. You might be asking yourself are there any specific foods that help women balance hormones ….so here are the top 10 foods that will help you balance your hormones 
On a sidenote when you’re hormones are balanced your skin looks amazing you are able to lose weight without difficulty your mood is stable… So implementing these boots can really change your life!
I don’t think I would personally by this Mac route but a lot of chefs use it
  • Nutrition facts: Potassium… Calcium… phosphorus… Magnesium… Vitamin D… Amino acids… Fatty acids… fiber
  • Nutrition facts: Healthy fat… Dietary fiber… Potassium… Magnesium… Vitamin B C E K
  • I love putting avocados on my eggs with toast
I’m allergic to fish but this is one of the great super foods 
  • Nutrition facts; Vitamin B 12… Beideman D… Vitamin B3… Vitamin B6… Omega three fatty acid’s… selenium … Protein… Phosphorus
Broccoli spinach and kale.  I buy those bags of broccoli and stick them in the microwave for three minutes I literally have a bag day
  • Nutrition facts: Potassium… Magnesium… Vitamin C vitamin a vitamin B6… Dietary fiber… Calcium
I know this one is gross. This is a good one but I won’t eat liver and never will  
  • Nutrition facts: Vitamin a… Beideman B 12… Vitamin D… Iron… Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B9
Walnuts and almonds. I buy the 100 cal packs of almonds and have one pack a day
  • Nutrition fact: Dietary fiber… Protein… Vitamin B6..magnesium… Iron… Calcium
Usually cook egg whites with two or three eggs in it
  • Nutrition facts: HDL cholesterol… Protein… Vitamin A,  D, B…phosphorus … Zinc… Iron… Calcium
I drink shakeology and this is one of the ingredients in the shake
  • Nutrition facts: Protein… Vitamin  B1, B2, B3, B5… Vitamin E, Kaye,… Iron… Mangini’s… Magnesium… Fatty acids
Things like sweet bell peppers and tomatoes. I bet you didn’t even think those were fruits right? Blueberries apples. 
I eat peppers and tomatoes daily and put blueberries in my protein shake
  • Nutrition facts: Anti-oxidants… Vitamin C, B6, K… Manganese… Potassium
I cook with coconut oil… That’s about it
  • Nutrition facts: Healthy fatty acids… Lauric acid
xo Y