Exclusive Personal Training Studio For Women

Our team of female fitness professionals have created a unique environment so you will never feel intimidated walking into our studio, you will feel empowered! Your path to a healthier life starts today.


NO monthly contracts, ever!

Pay for selected personal training packages only.


Accountability check-in’s with your trainer

Your goals don’t get sidelined! Your trainer is your coach on your wellness journey!


Customized Workouts

Workout programs as unique as you, built to overcome any obstacle.


Private Suites

Avoid the Crowds, no Judgement, no Distractions, no Waiting for Equipment.


Women Training Women

Fully-Certified Female Fitness Trainers.

Yvette Salva Fitness serves as a SAFE haven for women who are looking to get stronger, stay accountable, and follow through on a sustainable fitness regimen! Whether you are an avid exerciser or have never worked out before, we are here for YOU!

I opened Yvette Salva Fitness after years of my own food, drug, and alcohol addictions. I immersed myself in fitness and it truly saved my life. Then while working out and training women in big box gyms for years I knew there had to be a better way where no one felt like they needed to hide in the corner and feel intimidated to work out.

When you walk into our studio you will feel confident and safe to exercise in a no judgement zone! We are here for you and this is YOUR HOUSE. You can cry, laugh, sweat, or whatever you need to do. Our mission is to have you feeling confident and healthy and it all starts with the first step of walking in the door. So when you are ready, we are here for you with open arms!

We are here for u. 💖

Some common concerns I hear…


"I'm afraid" … I am so overweight and out of shape

No fear… we train EVERY female body at EVERY  fitness level! YOU are never too out of shape to get started !!

"I'm afraid" … to be judged

No fear.. Everyone has a different starting point. It’s just you and your female trainer in a private suite or on virtual. Just you, the trainer, and your goal!

"I'm afraid" … to get injured

No fear.. We will guide you through every movement in real-time! 
We will also progress each exercise gradually.

"I'm afraid" … I will fail

No fear… We will be your accountability partner and set up REALISTIC sustainable goals. Remember what gets scheduled … gets done! We will get you on a schedule that fits your time, finances, and goals!